Christmas & year-end special course reservation

Seasonal autumn deepens day by day, but we ye how you doing?
Well today is for the Christmas and year-end special course was made available as an authorised Guide.

★ Xmas special course ★12/23-25, 3-day
• Christmas A course [with Champagne & Dessert: ¥ 4580-(6-2 persons from)
• Christmas B course [champagne & cake buffet with] ¥ 6580-(7 2 persons from)

★ special year-end course ★
• Year-end course [90 min free drinks] (7 2 persons from)
Special offer: 5 persons in reservations for more than a bottle of wine free
10 persons in reservations for more than bottles free & lead free

Make your reservations for those are looking forward.