Christmas & year-end special course reservation

Seasonal autumn deepens day by day, but we ye how you doing?
Well today is for the Christmas and year-end special course was made available as an authorised Guide.

★ Xmas special course ★12/23-25, 3-day
• Christmas A course [with Champagne & Dessert: ¥ 4580-(6-2 persons from)
• Christmas B course [champagne & cake buffet with] ¥ 6580-(7 2 persons from)

★ special year-end course ★
• Year-end course [90 min free drinks] (7 2 persons from)
Special offer: 5 persons in reservations for more than a bottle of wine free
10 persons in reservations for more than bottles free & lead free

Make your reservations for those are looking forward.

Niku Jazz festival

10/24 (Tuesday)
Enjoy the evening listening to live music and professional artists.

We cannot accept reservations from the Internet.
Please contact us directly.

Notice of the extraordinary store closed

Indeed it is the
9/30 (Saturday) is authorised and the store closed.
We apologize inconvenience travelers have received patronage from around
Thank for your understanding.

10/1 (Sunday) is closed on Mondays.
10/2 (Monday) from normal business.
People who visit are looking forward.

Announcement of the Gion Festival sales

Gion Festival evening individual mountain 14-the opened a stall on the first floor entrance until the 16th.
Meat bar specialBeverages will be sold including "roast meat rice Barker".
Kumho Street will come visit us.
Or store sales, on the sidelines of a very crowded
To enjoy a break from the 11:00 open.
Some for very crowded inside it is expected will be handling only products
Take advantage. The terrace guestrooms are smoking.

Show's wine fair

Is meat Bal Show's dining
7Wine Festival will be held, entitled "shows wine fair" than Friday January 7
Our affordable, State-of-the-best steak, Super tasty wine with many
Glass is 280 yen from bottles than 1,380 Yen we offer.
No other taste and service to meet your expectations of your I'm sure
Visit our staff very much and look forward.

We started lunch 7/1.

We started lunch 7/1.

At 11:00 00 pm open 15:00 00 closing (LO 14:30)

Menu: roast beef rice bowl: 880 Yen
Have a meal, drink 100 yen

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